Based in east London, the Austrian designer Katharina Eisenköck creates finely crafted, intricate objects within the contemporary design culture.

Tension Mirror Pink

The Tension Mirror explores the relationship between, naturally occurring resources and machine made materials. The mirror cuts into an alabaster, merely held by a fine brass band. The three materials create a delicate interplay of tension, gravity and varying surface textures. Alabaster is a stone ideal for carving; traditional stone carving tools have the delicacy of a surgeon’s tool set. Italian files, rasps and rifflers were used to shape the stone base for the mirror. The Tension Mirror is a visual and tactile investigation into the machine made and the handmade. The perfectly round mirror held by a thin brass band seemingly carves itself into the stone just before it might or might not be pulled down by gravity.

Also available in larger versions or custom made versions.

Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm x 20cm

Materials: Alabaster, Mirror, Brass, Leather

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